Join Munzee in celebrating our 2017 theme - “Everyone. Everywhere.”
With the help of our passionate players we know people worldwide will embrace our mobile scavenger hunt game in the year to come. We’ve taken some of the photos our Munzee players have uploaded while playing and posted them into this collage.
Try zooming in with your mouse wheel or pinch to zoom in and find your photo!

2016 Stats:



New Players

Badges Earned

Letter From the President:

As I sit and reflect on 2016, I'm not even sure how to encompass the entire year in one quick letter. There have been some amazing moments and some very difficult ones as well. As usual we've made some tweaks that have been wildly popular and others that have touched a nerve. Through it all I can honestly look back on the year and see that each choice along the path has lead us to the best possible place to launch into 2017, with an "All In" enthusiasm.

I'm proud of our team and what we have accomplished this year. As in every company individuals come and go from time to time, and we have seen several members of the team move on this year. It was difficult in the moment but the remaining team has stepped in and made the best of every opportunity. I'm fortunate to lead a worldwide family of team members that are motivated everyday to do their best for you, our players. In the end we all want to provide the best experience for you, so you will share our little game with your friends and family. You are our most valuable team member and resource and we remember that daily

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Events Created

Virtual Deploys

Physical Deploys

Unicorns Caught

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